Texas Sports Broadcasting is a small operation, that strives to help those in smaller communities get the radio sports coverage they deserve. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will help to make sure those dreams and goals happen. Thank you for the support!


Donation – Dedicated Fan

For the Dedicated Fan! The one who can be there for MOST games but listens and hangs on to EVERY word when they can’t be there! LOUDEST IN THE STANDS, and on the app on your phone at the grocery store, “No Trevor, I will NOT turn my phone down, the game is on!” THIS is how a Dedicated fan can show their support!



Donation – Super Fan

This is for the fan that tunes in to the broadcast from the comfort of their Brand New Double Quad Extended Cab F 324Dogerado Highnalli Diesel Hemi or maybe its a nice comfortable truck that beats the west Texas weather or you just prefer to listen to the away games from the comfort of your living room! BUT STILL HONK OR KNOCK STUFF OVER WHEN SOMETHING EXCITING HAPPENS! THEN YOU are a SUPER fan my SUPER friend!



Donation – Top Fan

These fans…..theeeeese fans are the ones to watch out for. These are the silent, Cinderella story type. You don’t even know it until its too late. The Top fans show up early, usually have a nice stadium chair, blankets, a couple large bags, Equipped with all the essentials for the ourdoors….sunscreen and umbrellas, to snacks and bug spray, they are ready! They show up right before the game begins, typically because they’re social naturally and they already set up as mentioned before. Just before the game begins, THEY PULL OUT A HORN, OR TWO COWBELLS, A DRUM, OR YOUR MOM’S VOICE WHEN IT’S A SUNDAY NIGHT HALF AN HOUR PAST DARK WHEN SHE TOLD YOU TO BE HOME AND YOU COMPLETELY FORGOT CAUSE YOU WERE HANGING OUT WITH AJ AND AJ’S BROTHER HAD A REAL COOL COLLECTION OF CARDS SO YOU HAD TO SEE THE………. Yes, my friend….that fan….. We love that fan! Thanks for the support!


Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.